In memory of Brynn

On Tuesday, October 22nd, the Women’s Tech Forum lost a huge and irreplaceable part of its heart and soul. We lost our friend, our co-founder, our peer, Brynn Fowler. Brynn was the strongest and most determined person we knew. She was a guiding force in our industry and specifically for the community she helped build with the Women’s Tech Forum. 

Brynn lived life to the absolute fullest, always giving everything her all; whether at work as one of the most dedicated and hardworking leaders & influencers in our industry, or traveling around the world and embracing new experiences, or even when battling stage 4 cancer by creating a blog to share her experiences in hopes of helping others that are going through the same thing. Her achievements in life and work were many and lasting. But more than that, she was our friend. Our friendship was built on more than a common industry and resumes of the same companies and bosses. It was the small things in between like a random Instagram meme, a text about an annoyance on a date or with a spouse, or a drink to celebrate or commiserate when life was good or when it got in the way. It was the big things like 4 people coming together to try and determine why more women in the industry don’t know and support each other and 6 people creating a place to try and fix that. She always had a passion to build and—outside the life she built with her friends, her family, her amazing husband, Troy, and their 3-legged dog, Frank—the Women’s Tech Forum community that she helped build was one of her strongest creations. 

We have received so many kind and amazing words over the last few days as the news of her passing has echoed through our industry. You have poured out your belief in her shining light and it has been amazing to see just how many people she has left a positive impact on. We could not agree more. Part of our industry is to build the tools that are meant to bring us closer yet these days seem to keep us farther apart. Brynn had the ability to break through the barriers of today’s world and make her peers and coworkers into her friends and family. She had an amazing heart and for a little while, we got to be part of it. So right now, this hurts. This was not the plan. It’s going to be hard for a while. But in her name and in her memory, we will continue the work she was deeply passionate about with the Women’s Tech Forum. And we look forward to doing that with all of you. 

At this time, we appreciate all of your kind words and memories. We ask for your respect as Brynn's family and friends decide on the next steps and coordinate an appropriate time to celebrate her life.

In lieu of sending flowers, we encourage you to consider donating to the Colon Cancer Coalition. 


Sarah, Elena, Suzie, Jess and Nadia

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