The WTF Board


Brynn Fowler

Brynn runs the Network Business Governance & Planning team for the Oracle Cloud Network Engineering organization and is a WTF co-founder and President of the Board. Brynn has been vocal about women's issues in the industry and believes that creating a diverse and supportive community is the best way to keep women engaged and elevated in our industries. Brynn is passionate about inspiring positive connections and on creating a culture of mentorship and empowerment that is collaborative and community driven. Brynn has held a number of leadership positions in the industry spanning sales, strategic acquisition, and operations. Brynn likes shenanigans and has been known to invite monkeys into tuk tuks on her global adventures. Brynn is based in San Francisco, CA.

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Suzie Gleeson

Suzie is VP of Cloud Sales Strategy for Digital Realty Trust and is a WTF co-founder who heads up our Fundraising Committee. Suzie has held leadership positions in a number of her previous roles in the 23 years she has spent in our industry. Suzie believe this is not about special treatment for women, but about encouraging gender diversity that helps the whole industry. When women are under-represented in companies; companies are missing out because they are unable to draw from the widest possible range of talent. Suzie is also the responsible one in this bunch. While others would jump at the chance to hold a koala, Suzie knows they are viscous little beasts and kept her distance. Suzie is based in San Francisco, CA.

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Elena Winters

Elena is a member of the Edge Sourcing Team at Facebook and a WTF co-founder who heads-up our Philanthropy and Community Outreach Committee. Elena is an avid music fan and knows more about live music and the must see bands than nearly anyone we know. Elena cares deeply about building relationships with other women in this industry and on creating lasting connections to support positive communications. Elena has a warm and welcoming spirit which is why large mammals want to hang out with her. Elena is based in Seattle, WA.

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Sarah McComb

Sarah is heads up the Americas Edge team as the Manager of Global Infrastructure Expansion for AWS and is a WTF co-founder, acting Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Sarah’s industry background spans acquisitions, operations and business development from a tiny startup to an industry behemoth. When she is not spending her time globe trotting for work or fun she is based in Seattle, WA. Sarah believes in empowering women through lasting connections, positive and honest support, and community. Her goal is to have an industry focused on who is right for the job and who will step up and kick ass doing it rather than filling a gap because of someone's gender. Sarah has the spirit of a tiger and is fearless which is why she hangs out with them in her spare time. The bottle isn't full of milk - it's full of liquid courage.

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Jessica Smith

Jess runs Global Events at Digital Realty and heads-up the WTF Events Committee. Born and bred in Australia, she left behind the beaches of Newcastle for the Concrete Jungle to chase her career dreams and has been living in NYC ever since. Passionate about connecting others via non-traditional, engaging and dazzling events, Jess believes in the power of building a safe community for women in our industry and the magic that can happen when we come together in one place and share our ideas. She's a trained chef, holds an MBA, and has a black belt in technology hospitality. While Jess is a trained chef we also thought it was important to point out that no alligators were harmed in the making of this bio.

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Nadia Tuffaha

Nadia is a Content Marketeer at Digital Realty and heads-up the WTF Social Media and Marketing Strategy. Nadia is inspired by authentic connections with people and ideas, so it was a Cinderella fit when finding the WTF crew and knowing it was the real deal. She believes in the importance of mentorship and confidence-building for women in the industry. When she’s not blogging and tweeting, Nadia is devouring podcasts & documentaries (and her not-so-guilty pleasure, Below Deck) and snuggling with other peoples’ dogs at pup-friendly bars. Nadia is based in NYC.

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